Separate a wide variety of substances in fully automated membrane plants

We develop separation processes and supply plants with ceramic metal oxide membranes or polymer membranes. This enables the separation of a wide variety of substances in aqueous and non-aqueous environments.

Even demanding material systems that are difficult to separate using other processes, and which can otherwise only be treated in energy-intensive, thermal processes, can be separated easily and energy-efficiently using these separation processes.

The media requirements, media conditions, parameters of the processes as well as the demands on the plant technology and hardware are very different depending on the application and require a high degree of individuality and complexity of process plants.

We develop a customised solution that meets your requirements and really moves your business forward. From small and simple to highly complex, we plan and manufacture exactly the plant that will meet your needs.

Experience with providing long durability

We use high-quality materials and collaborate with experienced partners in the fields of stainless steel processing and plant engineering to bring you highly robust plants with a long service life.

The life expectancy of our membrane plants is several decades even under constant use. Only the wear parts have to be replaced regularly and individual components checked and maintained. Components to be renewed can be obtained from us quickly and easily at any time. In addition, we also offer regular plant maintenance.

Scaling for optimal use

From small test plants for laboratory fume hoods to high-performance industrial plants, we manufacture exactly what is needed.

Depending on requirements, they can be installed in containers or have a highly compact, free-standing design. Our filtration plants can be integrated with other equipment into a larger overall plant or operated as a stand-alone solution.

Development for
individual application

We develop each "custom filtration plant" individually and optimise it to your needs. We take the time to integrate all of your wishes, while considering possible risk factors and find the best solution.

Depending on the size and complexity, delivery times for small plants start at 4 months, while for large plants, we deliver anywhere from 12 months onwards. We can implement changes flexibly during the engineering as well as during the production of the plant. It is important to use to have close communication with our customers in such matters.

Long-term thinking is needed for predictable safety

We keep you updated about the current status of the project and clarify changes and risks with you at an early stage. Before commissioning on site, a factory acceptance test is performed at FTRJ GmbH.

We assure you comprehensive project support from process development, design, manufacturing and commissioning to final acceptance at the destination. Then, we offer training to your operating personnel as well as service orders that protection your investment over the long-term.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure up to 100 bar, operating temperature up to 300 °C
  • Manufacturing according to PED 2014/68/EU
  • ATEX (Zone 1/2), GMP, WHG compliant plants
  • Materials: Stainless steel (V2A, V4A), plastic (PP, PVC, PVDF)
  • Fields of application for membrane filtration
    • Removal of dyes from textile finishing wash waters
    • Solvent cleaning / recycling
    • Regeneration of alkaline, hot degreasing and cleaning baths
    • Dewatering of gas/liquid mixtures
    • Recovery of metals from aqueous media
    • Solvent dewatering
    • Diafiltration for the removal of hazardous solvents
    • Preparation / separation of gas mixtures
    • Treatment of wastewater from the petroleum industry
    • Treatment of process water (quick info: process water) from oil sands processing
    • Separation / concentration of peptides or other bioactive molecules from organic solvents
    • Targeted recovery of cells from liquid phases
    • Fractionation of polymers

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